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REVIEW: Claudel

Photo: Daniel Boud

The Claudel of the title is the much underestimated sculptor Camille Claudel, whose relationship with Auguste Rodin overshadowed her extraordinary talent and attracted the bitter disapproval of her mother and the opprobrium of a strait-laced society.

Wendy Beckett’s script is brought to brilliant life as she directs Imogen Sage (Claudel) and Christopher Stollery (Rodin), and three Meryl Tankard dancers pose as various sculptures.

Tara Morice plays Camille’s mother and Mitchell Bourke plays Camille’s brother, while Melissa Kahraman (Jessie) and Henrietta Amevor (Suzanne) are Camille’s friends.

Set in the 1880s, this story tells of a remarkable artist who forged her career in a world dominated by men.

Claudel resists the strictures of patriarchy as expressed by the Church and society to express a passion she has had since childhood.

She is disappointed by Rodin, for whom she was once lover and muse, and the strain of her struggles sends her mad and she is locked up for 30 years in an asylum.

As Beckett says, “[Claudel] is an icon. She remains a symbol for female artists everywhere – a parable to remind women that those who go against the values of society can be punished, despised, slandered, and perhaps even locked up!”

A brilliant production not to be missed!

Until May 9. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $79.90-$109.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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