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REVIEW: Brodi Snook – Handful

Brodi Snook

With a languid delivery style, stand-up comedian Brodi Snook knows how to capture the audience in her show Handfulwhich traverses toxic relationships recounting really terrible boyfriends, until darker anecdotes emerge. Culled from an 11-month ordeal in which she deliberately sought to shrink herself whilst being harassed by an unwanted suitor, the result is a series of insomniac written memos to herself. Dear Brodi, remember when you … All delivered with a poised nonchalance that belies some of the harder stuff. She also introduces otherdeliriously obtuse men who, for example, told her to clear her chakras – which she did, even if she didn’t know what or where they were.

Self-deprecating and self-aware, Snook’s Handful covers much bitter ground relating to recent events about women’s safety and changes about gender rights, and ends with ripe and witty observations. There was a near riot of laughter with one-liners such as accidentally catching a boyfriend, sort of like being roped in to volunteer at a fete: not really interested, but too polite to decline. She also has a lot of fun contrasting her small-town Western Australian origins to an expat life in London, her return to Australia due to COVID, and eating in bed.

First date night? Tick. Last date night? Possibly. A night out with all of your best friends, male or female and everyone in between? Yes.

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