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Portrait Of Kate Ceberano Wins Archibald Packing Room Prize 2021

Kate Cebrano by Kathrin Longhurst

The 30th annual Archibald Packing Room Prize winner, as part of the 100th annual Archibald Prize, is German-born Australian painter, Kathrin Longhurst – as announced by NSW Art Gallery’s Head Packer, Brett Cuthbertson.

This year’s Archibald Prize had 2144 entries, a close second to 2020’s record-setting year. 2021 has set records for the highest number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander entries, and it’s the first year that female finalists have outnumbered male finalists.

Kathrin Longhurst grew up in Communist East Germany and has been immersed in the art scene since the age of 14. Kathrin is a well-respected member of the Sydney Arts Community and today’s Packing Room Prize-winning portrait of musician Kate Ceberano will add to her already robust reputation.

Kathrin spoke of working closely with Kate Ceberano shortly after Kate completed her quarantine period in a Sydney hotel. Kathrin went on to say how Kate was in a vulnerable place post quarantine and extended Melbourne shutdown period. However; her portrait has Kate as a strong and formidable muse, cutting an imposing figure. Strong women and women’s struggles are consistent themes throughout Kathrin’s extensive catalogue of works.

Kate could not make today’s event due to the unfolding COVID-19 situation in Melbourne but is safely at home in Sydney after returning from Melbourne this morning.

By Jarrod Wolfhunter

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