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June Again

With dementia themed films Father and Supernova doing good business in cinemas, Australian dramedy June Again is set for release and should prove to be popular viewing for all audiences.

Noni Hazlehurst shines as June, an elderly woman who had a stroke which led to vascular dementia. After five years in a nursing home, she awakens “back from the brink” and temporarily mentally stable.

She escapes the nursing home and the film humorously follows her attempts at rescuing her family from their own blunders declaring, “Is there anything that hasn’t fallen in this family?” June means well but do her children feel like disappointments to her?

June Again resonates the importance of the family unit and is sluggish at times, moments thankfully negated by intermittent funny one-liners. The casting of Noni Hazlehurst, Claudia Karvan and Stephen Curry spells success for this film which aptly explores the debilitating effects of dementia on the family unit with a comical edge. Audiences should laugh, cry and ultimately stand up and cheer for this brave woman who through thick and thin has always held her family close to her heart.

★★★ ½

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