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Jon Glass’ Latest Play Spring Loaded

Jon Glass says he has always “loved theatre. His first play, called Entitled Transactions, was performed at the Factory Theatre in 2018.

He says, “Writing is what I think I can do, and the play seemed to work reasonably well. So, I wanted to try my hand at something with quite a different atmosphere: a bit lighter, more contemporary and with younger characters.

Glass came up with Spring Loaded, which invites the audience toindulge in this sometimes funny but mostly shocking insight into the cycles of abuse and how it can shape the humans we become.

In Spring Loaded, a 20-year school reunion reunites an old class bully and his victim in a business partnership that seems to offer the latter an exciting career prospect.

This is the second time Glass has produced a play at the Factory Theatre.

He says, “The Factory Theatre is very easy to work with. They have very helpful staff who respond to requests, they are very experienced in what they do (as you can imagine). The relationship is commercial: I pay for theatre hire and for use of relevant personnel such as sound and lighting techs.

Jon has plenty to occupy himself when he’s not writing plays.

“I am pretty much retired but I work as a Retirement Coach, i.e. helping other people to have an emotionally-fulfilling retirement, which is not as obvious as it sounds. I have also written middlegrade children’s books around the character Worcester Glendenis, a 12yearold boy detective.”

Glass loves inner city living. He lives in Jackson’s Landing in Pyrmont, having migrated from Balmain in 2020.

“I enjoy being in the compactness and busyness of the streets in the inner city. Jackson’s Landing in particular has amazing public transport, a rich history, and it’s just interesting to walk around.”

May 20-22. Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville. $28.90-$44.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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