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The delineation between what is lived, what is remembered and what can be re-created are fast-disappearing borders in the digital world. Once limited to the realm of speculation, these new technologies are explored in Hyperdreamcreated by Adriane Daff and Mikala Westhall. In the collaborative work (actors Nat Jobe, Angela Mahlatjie and Matt Abell-King), characters are able to relive moments of regret, from the funny and playful to the serious.

“In 2020, we tried to continue our lives in a digital space,” says Daff of that long year of lockdowns and social distancing. “I was interested in how people use digital technology to cope.” Employing versatile techniques such as real-time characters performing in front of an undisguised green screen is part of a magic trick made on the stage, explains Westhall. “After the year we’ve had, to get people to connect in a live space is something that is sorely missed and needed.”

The work “hones the concept of what feels like real memory, how reality can intersect with technology, something we can show on stage,” says Daff, “exploring ways to use digital technology to bring about a depiction of memory.” Scenarios as light-hearted as re-visiting a slightly awkward exchange then progress to more involving moments.

Hyperdream is not out-of-this-world futuristic, says Daff. “It’s our take on technologies that are already being developed as we speak.”

May 13-Jun 5. Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling Street (Crn of Cathedral St), Wollomoolloo. $34.69-$46.94+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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