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Grinding Eyes – Taste The Monochrome

Sydney based psych-rockers Grinding Eyes are back with their second album, Taste The Monochrome. With this new record the trio slip into the sinister darkness of psych-rock in order to take listeners on a spun-out journey.

Throughout the 11 track offering the Sydneysiders explore themes of of love, loss, isolation, despair and time travel, set to an ominous soundtrack of psych-rock and shoegaze bound together with luscious atmospherics.

As the listener slowly but surely succumbs to the trance inducing sound of Grinding Eyes they will always have a safety rope guiding them home. That rope being the trio’s always captivating melodic elements.

Sonically Taste Of Monochrome is far from limited. Whilst it may lull you into a trance it is one you will embrace wilfully.

★★ ½

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