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Goddess – The Elizabeth Burton Story

Photo: Liz Ham. Makeup: Daniel Cater

Running for a short season at the Old Fitz is Goddess – The Elizabeth Burton Story, performed by none other than Burton herself, once the queen of striptease in 1960s Kings Cross and overseas adventuress. The story of a woman who informed the alternative lifestyle in Kings Cross, reflects on a long career as an artiste of titillation. This one-woman autobiographical show promises a glimpse into a somewhat forgotten female history of the Cross. In the lively and risqué show, Burton, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Tarts” recounts her very lively years abroad, and now living in a vastly changed Cross.

“When you get old you feel like no one is listening to you,” she mused in an interview. “When I was young and spunky, they would be all over me, but now, especially when people walk looking at their phones, we ignore each other. Sometimes they walk towards me not looking at me and I just yell out ‘Oi!’ They usually jump back. I think they are missing out on life.”

Burton’s new show and other productions such as the documentary The Witch Of Kings Cross signal a surge in interest for the stories of Kings Cross and all of the valiant and unforgettable characters who bravely shaped the cultural landscape of Sydney and decades later, the country. Oi!

May 4-8. Old Fitz Theatre, 129 Dowling Street (Crn of Cathedral St), Wollomoolloo. $34.69-$46.94+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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