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De Gaulle

Based on true events, this exquisitely produced biographical war drama should be of great interest to enthusiasts of films in this genre.

After the military collapse of France in the summer of 1940 Charles de Gaulle, a French army officer, was instrumental in creating a successful movement for the continuation of warfare against Germany.

France had to be saved but with 60,000 soldiers perished and thousands more in war camps the politicians wanted to surrender to Hitler. “The war must go on! Motivate our soldiers to victory!” exclaimed de Gaulle to politicians who suggested he had half-baked theories and would do anything to climb the ladder.

Realistically depicted are the discussions held in board rooms and de Gaulle’s attempts to seek support from Churchill. The film reveals the courage and resilience of de Gaulle’s wife, who separated from her husband during these dark times, perilously guided her children to safety.

Lambert Wilson who shares an uncanny resemblance to de Gaulle, was nominated for Best Actor at this year’s Cesar Awards. He delivers a remarkable performance in the titular role complemented by his coupling with Isabelle Carre who portrays his wife Yvonne.

De Gaulle has few war action sequences and is vastly overshadowed by politics, but perfectly balanced with emotion and drama in scenes involving de Gaulle’s wife.


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