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All Hours – Perspectives

Brisbane pop-punk outfit All Hours are back with a new EP, Perspectives, where they once again bring their high energy sound. Led by vocalist Dani O’Grady it is hard not to listen to All Hours and immediately hear tinges of a fellow female led pop-punk group, Paramore.

Across this quick five track offering All Hours have stuffed this EP with captivating and catchy hooks/melodies. There are moments right throughout where you can’t help but sing along and others where you’ll subconsciously find yourself tapping or nodding away to drum and guitar elements.

This EP is going to be a great introduction to the band for fans of this particular genre of music. Whilst not groundbreaking or revolutionary in its own right Perspectives certainly sets the foundations for a very compelling album release further down the line, one which I will personally be highly anticipating now.

★★★ ½

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