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This science-fiction thriller explores what could quite possibly become a reality in the not-too-distant future. With resources being depleted on Earth a group of child crew members and an adult minder head off on an intergalactic journey to a planet that may sustain human life. The children’s grandchildren will reach the destination in 86 years.

Reproduction is through artificial fertilisation and the voyagers must consume a blue liquid that secretly keeps them pacified and impulse controlled. When suspicion arises that they’re being drugged they stop consuming the liquid and dissension grows amongst the voyagers jeopardizing the mission. Should they follow the program or party and run wild?

A cross between Lord Of The Flies and Interstellar the synopsis is intriguing but ultimately underwhelms. The cinematography and set designs are visually stunning but in all its grandeur, lack of empathy for the characters primarily evoked by silly subplots dealing with aliens and leadership issues may lead to impassive reactions from audiences.

There are some good performances from a predominantly young cast who can just do so much with the material they’re given to work with. Colin Farrell is banal and short-lived as the minder who would best have stayed on Earth and lived to a ripe old age.


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