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Michael Caine

After a promising start, audiences may believe that what lies ahead is captivating and enjoyable, however, disappointment soon sets in as the film deteriorates into a shameful embarrassment that should have been released straight to DVD.

Michael Caine plays the role of an ex-art dealer who runs a den with young thieves in this modern re-imagining of the classic Dickens Tale Oliver Twist. He plans an art heist as retribution against a man who has done him wrong. He brings Twist into his group, a young extreme graffiti artist, who becomes pivotal to his plan.

Acting jobs for aging actors must be sporadic considering an actor of Caine’s high caliber accepted the role of a character that delivered some humiliating dialogue and participated in several silly cringeworthy sequences.

Poorly executed with a couple of deplorable characterizations compounded by cheesy and misplaced one-liners evoked many awkward moments, where intended laughter transpired irksome shrugs of bemusement.

One of the few redeeming qualities of this film was the art direction. Precisely matched coloured sets, props, and costumes injected precious moments of life into what was ultimately a forgettable and uninspiring film.

Charles Dickens would turn in his grave…Twist is definitely a film to put on your ‘Must Not See List’.

★ ½

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