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The Rubens

Photo: Cybele Malinowski

After four albums The Rubens achieved something many of them didn’t think possible, they had a record debut at number one on the ARIA chart. Perhaps what made this even more shocking was that this record was produced under entirely new circumstances than they had ever employed before.

0202 was the first record The Rubens had ever engineered and produced solely by themselves, but this wasn’t the only change employed during its creation. For this record the band split the recording sessions up across a number of weeks, and in doing so tricked themselves into not realising they were even making a record explained keyboard player Elliott Margin.

“It was a really cool process for us where we would go away between shows and record one or two songs then go back to playing songs on the weekend. So it never felt like we were in that record making process because usually we’d go away for a couple of months and lock ourselves in a studio, which can get claustrophobic, but this was a nicer way to do it.”

Creating a record in this way gave The Rubens a lot more freedom, significantly reduced the pressure they felt throughout the process and was also COVIDsafe before that was even necessary.

“This was all before COVID, in a way which would have worked during lockdown but funnily enough none of it was made during lockdown,” said Elliot. “To play shows and then come back to recording gave us energy. You realise why it is that you spend hours in the studio labouring over your music.”

One sad side effect of recording in this way and tricking themselves into not thinking they were making a record meant that Elliot didn’t document the process as he typically would have, “For every other record I would document the whole thing but for this record, it’s kind of sad, because as a result of not thinking we were making a record I’ve taken barely any footage or photos.”

Despite this Elliot says he doesn’t imagine ever “veering too far away from this process because it was so enjoyable and beneficial.”

As they now gear up to hit the stage again though Elliot said fans can expect the “biggest show we’ve done” because they now have four albums worth of material to “cherry pick” from and craft a show that “really goes off” because it has “peaks and troughs.”

Apr 16. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $69.45+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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