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Stanley Street Gallery – saplings

A group show curated by Emma Pinsent has taken over the Stanley Street gallery as it showcases the saplings of Sydney’s art scene.

The exhibition showcases works by artists Anna May Kirk, Tamara Marrington, Chrystal Rimmer, Catriona Secker, and Rebecca Selleck. Across their works these artists explore ideas relating to the Anthropocene, natural and social history, biology, ecology, climate change, memory, innocence, and birth and death.

Through sculpture, painting, poetry and various other medium these artists use the theme sapling to look at the natural world through the lens of past experience — challenging outmoded perceptions of human beings as independent from the natural world — and also look towards the future. What will become of the green-as-green sapling, with many odds stacked against it? Whilst such a question certainly poses as pessimistic, saplings, is grounded in hope. 

If art is good at anything, it is the ability to digest contemporary concerns and concepts; chewing the curd and spitting out the parts it doesn’t like. Where saplings defines itself beyond that though; is in it’s ability to reflect, draw parallels, challenge and generate conversations about not only the past and present — but the future, too.

Until May 8. Stanley Street Gallery, 1/52-54 Stanley Street, Darlinghurst. FREE. Info:

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