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Spacey Jane

Spacey Jane

Photo: Daniel Hilderbrand

Over the last 12 months Perth band Spacey Jane released their debut album, which peaked at number two on the ARIA charts and was voted the ‘Album Of The Year’ in Triple J’s listener poll despite being unable to tour it around the country. That all changes shortly when Spacey Jane arrive in Sydney for a run of shows at the iconic Enmore Theatre.

Speaking to City Hub ahead of the shows drummer Kieran Lama spoke about the disappointment of being unable to tour nationally last year, how the band filled their time during that period, and the special bond the members of Spacey Jane share.

“It definitely was a bummer of a year for everyone, but I think that there is a little silver lining for us,” explained Lama. “We were really lucky to be in Perth, where things were fairly fine after about July last year. So we’ve been able to tour regionally over here from August onwards, which was a really great way to prepare for this run of east coast shows and really road test all of the songs. It was heaps of fun as well because I got to see a lot of places that I don’t think I would have otherwise.”

With a few months of regional touring under their belts Spacey Jane have been able to fine tune their show and will be able to arrive on the east coast ready to make an immediate impact on the live music scene.

“We’re really proud of where the show is at now,” said Lama. “We made a lot of changes to the production of the show over the back of half of last year and have figured out the best way to run the show and bring these songs to life. I hope people leave impressed.”

When asked about how special it was to be performing at the iconic Enmore Theatre Lama recalled the moment they first laid eyes on the venue during a previous visit to Newtown.

“I remember back in 2018 during our first visit to Newtown we walked past the venue, had a look in there while it was closed and [vocalist] Caleb [Harper] said ‘we’re going to play this one day.’ None of us actually thought that or believed him, maybe he did, but now a few years later here we are. It’s going to be a pretty special few nights.”

With their debut album, Sunlight, performing so well commercially and critically we asked Lama about the inspiration behind the record. A question which he answered with a wry giggle, “That’s a tough one, mostly because I just play the drums hey.” However, upon further discussion Lama revealed that this record was a deeply personal record for vocalist Caleb Harper, and one which the band was happy to help him with as he worked through the emotional turmoil that the record dealt with.

“I know for Caleb it was very much a personal album, especially regarding relationships and some tumultuous experiences that he had gone through over the last 12-18 months. We all have our own personal lives but it’s impossible not to involve each other in those. I think that is foundational to all of our friendships and love for each other.

“Being in a band is a pretty intense thing as it is, so sharing that with three other people who you see more than anyone else in life is awesome. It’s definitely the part that I like the most. Having these people to lean on for the rest of my life is something I’m never going to take for granted.”

Apr 17-19. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $57.50+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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