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Schapelle, Schapelle – The Musical

Schapelle, Schapelle – The Musical? Yes you read that right. Somebody finally put the infamy surrounding Schapelle Corby’s story to music and all one has to do is hear the double barrelled title to shake with anticipation.

Really though, this show is fictionalised and has much to do with the media frenzy that swallowed up Corby’s every word and every move. The show questions why it is we have such a weakness for media sensationalism in this country. Though Schapelle Corby’s ordeal began before the internet became so all consuming the daily news was just fixated. Corby was a pretty white girl from the Gold Coast locked up in a Bali prison for a drug crime, for which, Corby maintains she was not guilty. The show, however, does not seek to judge.

The four writers who collaborated on the show, Abbey Gallaway, Jack Dodds, Mitch Lourigan and Gareth Thompson asked many questions and apparently had some very heated debates while writing.

“Essentially though, we had a shared vision and, though there was some push and pull, we all decided that we wanted to look at how women are treated in the media. Corby, a strong willed woman, was objectified not only by the media but by the public too,” said Director Abbey Gallaway.

All of the songs are original with some big Broadway style numbers merging with pop. “The set designs too are unique. Look out for a set construction idea using Four X gold cans,” Gallaway added. A very Australian musical from a very Australian perspective.

Apr 22-May 16. Manning House, The University of Sydney, Manning Rd, Camperdown. $30.60-$50-49+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Renee Lou Dallow

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