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REVIEW: Pete The Sheep

Pete The Sheep is another magical production from Monkey Baa Theatre Company. A true Aussie story which portrays the true Aussie spirit.

Four actors, wearing an assortment of headgear, play shearers, sheep and dogs. The minimalist set depicts a shearing shed complete with stairs on either side and a viewing platform, with storage space underneath for pulling props on and off stage. Shaun, played by Oliver Lacey, a newcomer to the world of shearing, brings with him new ideas and a fresh new vision of what it is to be a good shearer. He doesn’t just want to shear sheep he wants to style them. To top his versatility as an actor, Lacey, has a wonderful singing voice.

Pete The Sheep, played by equally versatile Joe Kalou, is the perfect foil with great one liners and comic timing. Dry humoured Ratso, Andrew James, is the boss of the shearing shed resistant to change and the hilarious head shearer, Big Bob, is played with great dexterity by Joe Dinn. Extraordinary three dimensional performances by each of these actors who can sing, dance, wag their tails and preen their woolly locks all at the same time.

Director Johnathan Biggins and composer/lyricist, Phil Scott, both of Wharf Revue fame, have outdone themselves, on the clever synchronisation of movement and music with lyrics often based on a play of words or on character banter. The lighting too set the mood for day, night and grand production numbers. Overall a proudly Aussie production.

Until Apr 17. ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, 1-25 Harbour St, Sydney. $29-$34+b.f. Tickets & Info:

Reviewed by Renee Lou Dallow.

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