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Bob Odenkirk in Nobody

Bob Odenkirk in Nobody

Everybody who works a mundane nine to five job will have moments when thy feel like a nobody and wish they could be something more. For Hutch Mansell (Bob Odenkirk, of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame) his monotonous life as an accountant becomes too much to bear when intruders break into his house and steal his daughter’s ‘kitty cat’ bracelet.

After the break in Hutch’s hidden life begins to seep out into the light and we learn that he was previously an assassin for the government. As this happens he inadvertently places himself in the crosshairs of a Russian gangster and chaotic violence ensues.

Nobody is an action packed ride filled with funny quips and violent action sequences. Much like the John Wick franchise Nobody establishes a world which could easily be explored further. Unfortunately for the film though because John Wick already exists this one fails to feel new or innovative despite being very enjoyable.


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