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Robin Wright

Robin Wright in Land

The courageous story of a middle-aged woman who relocates into isolated tribal lands amongst the mountains in Wyoming disassociating herself from society completely should prove to be a rewarding cinematic experience for all audiences who enjoy a good human drama.

Robin Wright portrays Edee a middle-aged woman who tells her therapist, “it’s really hard to be around people because they just want me to be better.” She bids her sister and city living farewell after experiencing an unbearable tragedy.

Flashbacks of Edee’s husband and young son throughout the film and her telling a man she befriends that “I had a family once” slowly unravels her tragedy towards a tearful conclusion.

Mesmerising cinematography captures the beauty of the mountainous terrain and the cold wintry conditions which prove to be a major challenge for her survival.

Audiences should sympathise with this poor lost soul who doesn’t want any news of life elsewhere, but can she defy the odds and learn to live again? Can the friendship of a stranger who is fighting his own demons be the only therapy that can reconnect her with society?

★★★ ½

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