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Addi Road Writer’s Festival 2021

Mark Mordue

Mark Mordue, Artistic Director of Addison Road Writer's Festival.

Aspiring writers in the Inner West of Sydney are about to have an annual literary and storytelling event right on their doorstep. Thanks to the fine folks over at the Addison Road Community Organisation this event will act as an unofficial fringe festival and creative alternative to the Sydney Writers Festival.

The festival’s inaugural event will use the theme of An Unruly Idea to reflect upon the rebellious spirit and formative energy of the event: looking to stir up conversation and change; and still being born as this manifesto is put down.

The intention of the event is to highlight the literary skills and achievements of the best local writers. By its very nature as a community development organisation, Addi Road has a commitment to social justice, environmental action, and grassroots arts and culture. It’s an ethos that allows then to engage with a national, even international vision while drawing on their immediate world and daily work. As the old saying goes, ‘act locally and think globally.’

The event will be split into four sections – Politics, Music, Poetry & Media. Across these four branches of the festival their will be a total of six panel discussions and a number of performances by poets, musicians, and spoken word artists. Some the speakers on the day will include City Hub journalist Wendy Bacon, poet/writer Ali Whitelock, musician Lo Carmen, journalist Minh Bui Jones, and writer Samuel Watson.

May 1. Gumbramorra Hall, Addison Road Community Centre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville. Info:

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