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A Night Of Underground Folk Music

Darren Cross

Darren Cross

As live music returns around Sydney local concert venues such as the Petersham Bowling Club are helping to rebuild local communities for independent musicians. For the curator of A Night Of Underground Folk Music at the Petersham Bowling Club, Darren Cross, this is a crucial first step in reinvigorating the live music scene.

Speaking to the Inner West Independent ahead of the show Cross explained that “we need to start all of these communities up again because we’ve all been a bit lost for a year.” As he went on to explain this is vital not just for the artists but on a “humanistic level” because nothing compares to “sitting in a room with people listening to music… you need to be in the room to feel the emotion and perspective fully.”

As part of the community rebuild Darren has curated a lineup of acts to join himself on stage. Beginning at 7pm sharp the event will feature performances from Tim Evans, Moon And Flood, Jessica, and Darren “D.C” Cross.

Darren was able to gather together these acts through the connections and friendships he has built with each of them throughout his three decades in the industry. When discussing the acts Darren said he is excited to see each of them perform for various different reasons.

“Tim Evans has just moved back to Australia from New York… Moon & Flood are a duo from the Blue Mountains who I’ve played many an underground party with in Katoomba. And Jessica is just a really beautiful performer so it’s always a pleasure to see her perform.”

When asked what the audience can expect from this night Darren answered, “the word folk gets thrown around a lot but I think we offer something more. This event won’t be the clap your hands and be joyous style of folk, it’s going to be a more intimate, introspective night.”

In terms of how important the support from a venue such as the Petersham Bowling Club was for the event Darren said, “I think a lot of people need to know that it’s not as easy as just putting the lights back on and opening the doors. There has been a lot of work behind the scenes, which has been stressful for everyone, but it’s very important. I’m very glad that such a nice place has been able to open the doors again. It’s really great that independent venues like this are able to open up again.”

May 2. Petersham Bowling Club, 77 Brighton St, Petersham. $19.38+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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