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The Father

Brilliant is the only word to describe this incredible piece of filmmaking which deals with the debilitating illness dementia. Nominated for six Academy awards it’s a film that may be too close to home for many moviegoers.

Anthony Hopkins gives a predictably outstanding  performance as an elderly man who feels that his daughter is scheming and trying to evict him from his apartment.

But can his daughter be so evil?  “There’s something funny going on! This nonsense is driving me crazy! I don’t need help and I’m not leaving my flat!” he shouts as audiences side with him. But all is not as it seems.

Intriguing at first, it’s puzzling as to why his loving daughter would inflict such torment upon her elderly father, but as the movie progresses audiences will come to the realization that the accelerating adverse effects of dementia are distorting his memory and judgement.

The filmmakers have produced a film that vividly depicts the effects of dementia on a man and notably, the intense pressure which it instills upon the person he loves most, his daughter who has stood by him through all circumstances, no matter how difficult.

The Father has received an Oscar nomination for Best Film and Anthony Hopkins has justifiably been nominated for Best Actor. Olivia Coleman who delivers a memorable performance as the unnerved daughter has also gained a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

★★★★ ½

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