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REVIEW: Diva Degustation

It’s a starry, starry night at The Ensemble Theatre as Trevor Ashely, Australia’s favourite drag artist, returns to the stage in Diva Degustation, his latest cabaret production which will not only entertain, but tantalise audiences with his deliciously naughty, flamboyant, and spicy impersonations of famous divas.

The question that should be asked is not what’s on the menu, but who’s on the menu? Just like a selection of fine foods to sample from a degustation menu, audiences will be treated to a taste of performances from the big gals of the entertainment world including Cher, Shirley Bassey, Liza Minelli, Judy Garland, Eartha Kitt, and Carol Channing. Which of these divas will be the starters, the main meal, and more importantly the dessert? The only element missing on this unique menu is the quality wine that traditionally complements each course on a degustation menu!

A band of two fine musicians comprising of a drummer and pianist accompany the divas as they belt out their selection of signature songs as never sung before. The lyrics have been cleverly and comically reworded with what all audiences can relate to – the consumption of food and the ‘COVID-19 waistline’ which most of us have acquired since the inception of COVID-19.

A quick wig change on stage seasoned with witty commentaries from Ashley introduces the next diva and then sends them back to rehab when it’s time to move on. Audiences can feel very safe sitting in the first few rows as Ashley promises not to bring audience members into his show. There will be laughter but unlike many of his previous shows notably The Lyin’ Queen, hilarity takes the back seat as Diva Degustation is principally about the music.

This is joyous entertainment for theatergoers who have missed live theatre owing to the lockdown brought upon by Covid-19 and also a little ray of sunshine from the current miserable rainy weather.

Until Mar 29. Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall St Kirribilli.  $60-$65+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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