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Rain Beau’s End

This is a low-budget independent film that highlights the challenges experienced by a lesbian couple in raising an adopted child who suffers from Jacob’s Syndrome, which is the presence of an extra ‘Y’ chromosome (‘XYY’) in males. This condition commonly evokes aggression and violent outbreaks.

The film explores how Beau’s behavioural issues accelerate between the ages of four and nineteen and the effect it has on the couple’s longtime relationship and their careers.

Strangely but effectively, the character Beau is mentioned throughout the film but is never seen, only heard speaking on the phone momentarily in the final scenes.

Captivating and insightful, audiences will learn of this little-known genetic disorder that affects 1 in 1000 male births.

An emotional rollercoaster and powerful performances are prevalent, but the final quarter degrades the film with incredulous storylines and coincidences aimed at highlighting the positive change in Beau’s behaviour. What results is a wishy-washy finale appropriate only for daytime soap operas. (MMo)