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The Ensemble’s new play Outdated explores the shock of suddenly being single in middle age and having to expose oneself in the dating market.

Writer Mark Kilmurry, Ensemble’s resident Artistic Director, writes: “After years of someone knowing your good and bad sides you are having to prove yourself with someone new.”

The play explores how a person in this predicament decides what to exhibit of themselves to the outside world and what they are silently thinking about the process.

Kilmurry said, “If we could hear our thoughts what would they be? Outdated is about trying, failing and trying again to connect and fit. It’s not so easy when fitting in has no rules.”

Kilmurry will be directing this “bittersweet comedy [that] navigates the highs and lows of modern dating.”

Matt (played by Yalin Ozucelik) and Olivia (played by Rachel Gordon), are the singles in the play looking to hook up with their soulmate.

They try to follow the golden rules of dating but find that things do not always go to plan.

You’ll have to attend the play (which, by the way, is a world premiere), to find out what happens to our hero and heroine.

Mar 5-April 17. Ensemble Theatre, 78 McDougall St, Kirribilli. $38-$79+b.f. Tickets & Info: