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Monet & Friends – Life, Light And Colour

Monet was the founder of French impressionism, which was all about expressing perceptions before nature with paintings done, En Plein Air, a technique which still resonates with artists all around the world. The impressionists rebelled against the grand masters and were persistent in their determination to paint a scene as they saw it rather than presenting it as it actually was. Often the same landscape would be painted many times capturing the changing light and seasons. During the 1860s impressionist paintings were regarded by the Paris Salons and, The Academy Of Arts, as vulgar and commonplace due to their honest representation of muddy farm scenes and everyday street people. Undeterred Monet and his friends, Renoir, Pisaro and others exhibited their works independently. In 1874 they held their first exhibition.

This new immersive exhibition of Monet’s work seeks to revisit the sensory element of that first exhibition by giving visitors that same wonderment as would have been experienced by those more than a hundred years ago. Described as, “a large-scale, arts and entertainment experience that delves into the mesmerising world of impressionism, on an unprecedented scale, displaying the glorious detail of masterpieces from the most prominent artists of the impressionists era.” Monet & Friends – Life, Light And Colour presents the viewer with the vivid beauty of a world without artifice brought to life with sensory four graphics, projectors and cinema sound.

Until Apr 6. The Royal Hall of Industries, Entertainment Quarter, 1 Driver Avenue Moore Park. $30-$50+b.f. Tickets & Info:

By Renee Lou Dallow