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Hope D’s Tour Sells Out, Extra Tickets Added

Photo: Casey Garnsey

Brisbane based singer/songwriter Hope D’s 2021 is off to one cracking start with tickets for her seven city headline EP tour selling out in just a few days and additional demand requiring second shows to be added to the majority of the tour stops! City Hub had a chat with Hope about her 2021 so far and what it was like putting together her debut EP Cash Only during the pandemic.

Hope’s work is based on such personal experiences and I was wondering if it was daunting to put that stuff out there, even though you know there’s a good chance that the end result will end up helping someone going through a similar kind of experience,

“Oh absolutely and that’s the biggest reason I started putting out music that was so personal to me because the songs that I had heard that were personal to someone else and the way that I took those certain songs in my heart and appreciated them and they made me feel so much more comfortable with myself and the situation that I was in. I knew that was a big step for that person to put out something so incredibly personal and I wanted to be that person for someone else.”

Hope’s voice has a timbre that you don’t hear very often and I was intrigued to hear that that aspect of her voice is one that she had consciously worked on to differentiate herself from more traditional modern singers of her generation,

“I got really into Hobo Johnson a few years ago when he released Peach Scone and he has a very unique way of using his voice and that’s something that I’ve taken on recently and I’ve been playing on that a lot and it’s really cool because it does take me away from the other majority of musicians that are still so beautiful but sing in a more traditional way. That’s why I love playing on it as well and I like surprising people with that uniqueness to my voice and the way that I deliver lyrics.”

Hope’s Cash Only EP is out now on all digital platforms to stream and purchase and is also available to pre-order on vinyl! Tickets to her popular tour are still available thanks to additional shows being added – head to to check the cities and dates or purchase tickets.

By Linc Jenkin