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Australian artists Hauskey describes the latest single from his debut EP as the means by which he overcomes his natural state of pessimism, a state of thinking that perhaps resonates with us all after the year that we’ve just endured.

The Inner West Independent spoke to Hauskey last week, ahead of his performance at the Lansdowne Hotel next Saturday.

“If there wasn’t that anticipation for releases or that drive to write, produce and mix records I think. I would have gone way crazier than I did,” Hauskey said when detailing the importance of this record during the lockdown period. “There was a lot of doom and gloom last year… but I think it was somewhat consoling to know everyone was experience the same thing in this almost kinship way.”

For Hauskey the lockdown period saw him use music production as “therapy” to overcome his natural pessimism. He chose to this with the hopes of “creating something positive that other people can relate to” and use as their guiding light out of a dark time.

With this extended period solely focus on music Hauskey and his record label now have “the best problem to have” with an abundance of music ready for release.

“We have too many songs now,” said Hauskey. “I want it all to come out next week so others can hear it but  that’s not the way the industry works unfortunately, so we need to stagger these things.”

Bearing that in mind though Hauskey says the upcoming Landsdowne show takes on an extra significance for fans and potentially first time listeners.

“I’m so proud of the EP in every way but there’s alto fo stuff that I do differently now,” explained Hauskey. “I feel like I’m going from strength to strength, musically and technically. So I’m really looking forward to the next run of of tunes, EPs and albums.”

For anybody thinking about attending the show next week Hauskey said they can expect “lots of interludes, musical silliness, a bit of comedy and just an all around show that isn’t simply listening to the music as t was recorded.”

Apr 3. The Lansdowne, 2-6 City Rd, Chippendale. $28+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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