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French Film Festival

People who would like an escape from these challenging times are invited to purchase their ‘travel tickets’ to this film festival and be transported in mind to French-speaking worlds as the lights dim in cinemas.

For 32 years this festival has ignited our interest in French culture, its popularity escalating and last year being crowned as the biggest cultural event of the year in Australia.

Considering the film world came to a standstill last year owing to the worldwide pandemic, the program boasts an incredible 37 films, many of which are Australian premieres that should make audiences laugh, cry, and ultimately dream of travelling to France.

Historical comedy Delicious which depicts the preparation and love of fine cuisine is a must for food lovers and romance drama Summer Of 85 is France’s answer to Call Me By Your Name. Love Affair(s) should mesmerise eternal romantics and for audiences who crave a good biopic wartime drama, De Gaulle won’t disappoint.

One film which is sure to be a hit at the festival is The Godmother, which stars French favourite Isabelle Huppert as a police interpreter who decides to earn some real money to pay off her escalating debts by becoming a narcotics trafficker.

This film delves on female empowerment and opens as a drama but quickly establishes itself as a comedy, laughter escalating throughout.

Audiences will warm to Huppert’s character Patience Portefeux, an astute woman, whose prowess in fashion and knowledge in police techniques aid her in reinventing herself as a cunning drug lord.

This is a quality moving drama that will have every member in the audience cheering for Patience Portefeux – but will she evade the law enforcers and her competition in the drug world? (MMo)

Until Mar 31. Screening at all Palace cinemas & Hayden Orpheum Cremorne. $18-$22+b.f. Tickets & Info: