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Eskimo Joe

Photo: Jarrad Seng

Over the past year concert cancelations or postponements have become commonplace. Aussie rock extends Eskimo Joe didn’t want to become yet another of those so they are planning to return to Australian stages one year from now. Obviously by announcing a show so far out they had to ensure they came to the party with something exceptionally exciting for fans, and boy have they delivered. Eskimo Joe will return to Australian stages in 2022 with a special live concert showcasing their two most beloved albums, Black Fingernails Red Wine and A Song Is A City, from front to back.

Speaking with the Inner West Independent, guitarist Stuart MacLeod revealed that this tour has been a long time coming.

“We started planning this tour at the start of 2019 with the intentions of doing it in September/October 2020, but when COVID hit there was no way that we could have done it… With the whole world shutting down the way it did I think it took everyone by surprise. So we’re we put that on hold with a view to always come back to it once the world returned to some semblance of normality.”

As that normality began returning MacLeod explained that the band potentially could have target the end of this year but chose not to do so. They chose this because they didn’t want to risk bing forced to postpone or reschedule due to the “logistical nightmare” and emotional toll that can take on the band and all of those support staff involved.

“Postponing is just so disheartening, and it really takes a toll on your mental health as well,” said MacLeod.

The decision to perform their two most highly regarded albums was one based purely on “fun” chuckled MacLeod.

“It’s such an enjoyable experience for us, not only playing live this way but also in the rehearsal room learning all of the songs again. Performing in this way there are songs that we’ve never played live before, so getting to do that times two seemed like a no brainer to us. These two albums realistically are the two who most people hold dear, so we thought that would be a really unique experience for the fans.”

In terms of what fans can expect form this tour MacLeod explained that the fun comes from simply seeing the excitement on the band member’s faces as they perform these songs for the first time in a very long time.

“I think the special factor will just be the excitement on our faces knowing that these are all fresh in our minds and in our fingers. Just playing these songs, it’s all going to be new, or at least, you know, like visiting old friends again.

“You might have seen us play before, but this will be something really unique for you guys, but for us as well. So I’d grab a ticket pretty soon.” 

For the band this tour will also be significant in that they are playing a venue that they have never played previously, which is a rarity after such a long career.

“We’ve never played Anita’s Theatre before, so it’s good to be able to play a new venue when you’re this far down the road in your career,” said MacLeod. “It’s a rare experience to have a venue you haven’t played before, especially one that’s got a bit of history like that. So that’s going to be awesome.”

Apr 1, 2022. Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown. $89.90+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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