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Come True

Dreams and nightmares are always so frightening because of the inherent confusion and distortion of reality that accompanies them. Anthony Scott Burns’ latest sci-fi thriller Come True takes those notions and places them on the silver screen.

The film follows Sarah a troubled teen runaway who will go to great lengths to avoid returning home to her family, including sleeping on a slide in playground. When Sarah is presented with the opportunity to participate in a university sleep study which offers a wam bed and monetary compensation for two months she jumps at it. However, as the film plays out perhaps this was not a wise decision as the ensuring twisted nightmares become darker and more terrifying.

The film is intentionally obscure and vague as to its true meaning or message in order to convey the illusionists of remember specifics from dreams. In doing this though the film jumps from metaphor to metaphor and becomes somewhat convoluted.

Perhaps the strongest point of Come True is its exploration and portrayal of sleep paralysis. One can only wish this had been explored more deeply.

If you can manage to avoid drifting into you own self induced dream land whilst watching Come True you are in for trippy ride.

★★ ½

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