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Chase Atlantic – Beauty In Death

Australian-born trio Chase Atlantic deliver their third album, Beauty In Death, from the glitz and glam of Los Angeles. With this new record the trio once again blur the lines between pop, R&B, trap and alt-rock.

Beauty In Death represents the groups first outing on their new label, Fearless Records, which is incredibly apt as they continue to be fearless when it comes to experimentation. Throughout the record Chase Atlantic utilise rap beats but also infuse those with saxophone elements, soulful lyricism, and psych-pop sounds. This leads to an incredibly unique record, which is both intriguing for new listeners as you are immediately captivated by the quirkiness. Longtime fans will get more of what they already love from the band.

While there are not true standout on this record there are also no utter letdowns in the genre bending 12 track offering.