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Tin Sheds – Thresholds

The Tin Sheds Gallery in Darlington is currently playing host to an exhibition of collaborative work produced by local artists Julia Davis and Lisa Jones. Their works, entitled Thresholds, explore the ideas of transience and place through large-scale drawings , photographs and video installations.

Thresholds invites visitors to Tin Sheds to reimagine the built environment which resides underneath Sydney’s CBD while also contemplating the passage of time.

Curator, Claire Taylor explains that the installation is created to be an immersive experience for viewers.

“The installation draws the viewer into an enveloping darkness from which details of tunnels and chambers beneath the city are glimpsed in torchlight,” she said. “The imagery reveals ethereal spaces that exist just beyond the brightly-lit, bustling, familiar city, providing visitors with an opportunity to slow down, reflect and be immersed within a subterranean landscape where there is a very different sense of time.”

All the imagery and audio in the multichannel video installation are from site recordings the artists made between 2016 and 2019 in disused tunnels that connect to St. James station, where Julia Davis and Lisa Jones worked in torchlight with architectural photographer Richard Glover and sound engineer Derek Allan.

Thresholds reveals material histories of abandoned infrastructure sites. Once vital to the evolving city, successively repurposed and now uninhabited, these sites appear in a state of suspended animation, as if waiting for the next phase of redevelopment.

Until Feb 19. Tin Sheds Gallery, 148 City Rd, Darlington. Tickets & Info:

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