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The Truffle Hunters

Who would’ve thought that a film aimed at a very niche market which follows the day-to-day activities of elderly Italian truffle hunters and their dogs could have been such insightful and enjoyable entertainment!

Truffles are incredibly rare strong-smelling underground fungi and are one of the most prized food ingredients in the world. They resemble irregular, rough-skinned potatoes, are valued at an astronomical €4,500 per kilo, and are hunted by specific dogs.

Not a drama nor a conventional documentary and seemingly unscripted, the cameras follow these truffle hunters around as they work, deal with clients and spend time with their beloved dogs.

Very protective of their canines one of these men states, “If you don’t trust your dog, don’t go truffle hunting” and further comments, “If my dog dies, I die.” Primarily humorous in mood but darkens in the second half as it’s revealed that these dogs are being poisoned by very territorial and greedy hunters.

Filmed in picturesque rural locations in Italy and skillfully edited, the soundtrack comprising traditional Italian music complements this very unique subject matter.

The truffles receive top billing in this film which aims to educate, but what’s more memorable is the devotion and incomparable love these elderly men have for their dogs. (MMo)


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