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REVIEW: Magic Mike Live

Photo: Peter Brew Bevan

Imagine this, two best friends of 15 years, 200+ screaming toey women, and about 30 men in a crowd watching a sweaty, ab popping reincarnation of Magic Mike! As a dancer off 25 years I spectical on the quality of dancing! Let me tell you I was blown away!

Choreographed by the gorgeous and talented Channing Tatum and hosted by the always amazing Amy Ingram, Magic Mike Live offers the perfect amount of downright sexy men, jaw dropping innuendo, and a cast of 18 talent (insanely sexy) men and women!

We won’t spoil what really happens inside the immersive show, but I can tell you, buckle yourself in for the legitimate – ride of your life!

Until Apr 18. The Arcadia, The Entertainment Quarter, 220/122 Lang Rd, Moore Park. $59-$209+b.f. Tickets & Info:

Reviewed by Becc Paulson

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