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REVIEW: Circa’s Peepshow

Photo: Andy Phillipson

The promotional materials for Circa’s Peepshow promise a steamy, burlesque night at the Sydney Opera House. What Circa, the world renowned, Brisbane based performance company, delivers is somewhat less risqué.

Seven talented, and incredibly flexible performers dangle, contort and hurl themselves across the stage with breathtaking grace. Under the masterful direction of Yaron Lifschitz the company merges traditional circus acts (think trapeze, strong men and contortionists) with the techniques of modern dance and performance art. The hybrid art form is impressive, and captivating but decidedly unerotic.

While the stage is minimalist, the lighting fills the void. The music is a mesmerising mix of alternative pop, discordant string ensembles and traditional jazz which adeptly weaves together differing moods. It is the sort of score you would expect to find at a modern dance performance in a world class entertainment venue if not at a modern-day burlesque show.

The scantily clad company of three men and four women teases the audience’s expectations with bulging muscles, skin-tight leotards, exposed breasts and bared buttocks. But sexual tension quickly morphs into sexual innuendos and comedic gags. In the end what Circa delivers is more suited for general family viewing than what one might expect to see in a sticky, steamy old-fashioned peepshow.

Until Feb 14. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Syd. $49-$79+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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