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High aspirations in attempting to achieve feasible goals in life are explored in this bitter-sweet 80s family rural drama which ultimately shatters the ideology of the American dream.

When Jacob, a Korean-American man, makes the life-changing decision to relocate his family to Arkansas with the intention of establishing a farm growing Korean produce, he comes to the realization that enthusiasm and hard work alone won’t guarantee his success.

Jacob who wants his children to see him succeed in something exclaims, “Even if I fail, I’ll be there to finish what I started!” At what point should one stop dreaming? Is money more important than family?

Comedic interludes involving an eccentric farm hand and the young son’s inability to accept his grandmother as family, provide emotional relief from heart-wrenching scenes as the financial burden takes its toll on the family unit.

A nicely assembled cast is led by Steven Yeun and Yeri Han as Jacob and his wife Monica, but the characterisation by Youn-Yuh-Jung as the foul-mouthed but loving grandmother will stay with audiences long after leaving the cinema.

A must-see cinematic gem that deserves many accolades. (MMo)


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