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Luca Brasi – Everything Is Tenuous

Luca Brasi fans can rejoice as the band returns with their fifth album, Everything Is Tenuous. Spurred on by friends amidst the height of the COVID lockdown the band have returned with a renewed vigour and creative spark with this new album.

Once again the band deliver a pop-punk/pop-rock showcase filled with beautiful melodies and potent, emotional lyricism.

Already the band have unleashed three incredible singles into the world – Tangled; Conent, Sefish Love, and Dying To Feel – all of which highlight the band’s ability to fuse beautiful melodies with melancholic stories. Throughout the full record Luca Brasi contend with themes of loss, regret, burnout and the need to appreciate fleeting moments of life.

This is a record which will appeal to a very wide range of music lovers from pop fans right through to more ardent rock lovers.

★★★ ½

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