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Drummer Queens

Niki Johnson, Georgia Anderson, Salina Myat, Peta Anderson & Lisa Purmodh. Photo: David Hooley

Welcome to the world of Drummer Queens as eight talented young women take to the stage playing drums and percussion in this very unique and incredibly entertaining sound and light spectacular.

The art of drumming is creatively presented and should send shock waves consuming audiences as the theatre shakes profusely from this ‘joyous noise’.

The show is dialogue-free, humorous, and contains sequences with dance and acrobatics, leaving audiences astounded at the sheer brilliance and artistry of these incredibly talented women.

Audiences should cheer as the ‘incredible eight’ who come from an array of different drumming backgrounds play drums while doing the moonwalk and performing long tap-dancing sequences. Their vivaciousness and endurance on stage are bewildering.

The talent off stage who have also contributed to the success of this female-driven show must also be given accolade. Notably the choreographer, sound, lighting, and production designers have excelled in their crafts fusing all these elements to stun audiences with such a vibrant and phenomenal production.

Drummer Queens is pure magic for musicians and drumming enthusiasts but should also be an incredibly entertaining night out for anybody who dares to experience a non-conventional, loud, high energy, and stimulating night out at the theatre. (MMo)

Until Feb 13. Lyric Theatre, 55 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont. $49-$99+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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