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Daniel O’Toole – Deliquescent Light

Melbourne-based multimedia artist Daniel O’Toole is currently displaying his new exhibition, Deliquescent Light, at Curatorial+Co in Redfern.

For Deliquescent Light, O’Toole immerses audiences in a field of colour and sound, with 13 paintings, three video works and a custom created soundtrack informed by synaesthesia to enhance the exhibition and the way the audience experiences colour.

Daniel O’Toole works across a variety of media including painting, video, sound and installation. Previously a prolific street artist, O’Toole has moved to focus on this new series of video works and paintings that draw heavily on music, visualising the experience of listening. The sonic addition has been designed to complement the works, drawing the audience’s attention to the passage of time and slowing down the experience of how light behaves, noticing the refraction events taking place and how the colour hues shift while navigating the space within O’Toole’s paintings.

“There’s something incredibly unique and exciting about Daniel O’Toole’s new work, offering a glimpse inside his mind during the creation process as he visualises sound and light through colour. Audiences will be intrigued and delighted by how Daniel’s work engages all of our senses,” said Curatorial+Co Founder & Director Sophie Vander.

Until Feb 20. Curatorial+Co, Studio 1/175 Cleveland St, Redfern. Info: