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A Writer’s Odyssey

From China comes this drama action-fantasy blockbuster which is destined to mesmerise enthusiasts of this style of film.

Incorporating visually stunning CGI, the story centers on a man who in the real world is searching for his daughter who was kidnapped six years earlier. In another time and place, a man has embarked on a mission to end the tyrannical rule of an evil lord, and strangely, both parallel worlds collide.

High production standards and over the top fast-paced action compounded by bloody battle sequences with demons and other macabre creatures should ensure that audiences enjoy every moment of this extremely ambitious production.

However, in all its grandness, ambiguity may set in for some audiences, owing to what is lost in translation and the multifaceted storylines which at times may be difficult to follow.

Cultural differences in storytelling between westernised countries and China resonate in this style of filmmaking, but what should be universally relatable is the heart-wrenching story of a man who will stop at nothing to locate his beloved daughter. (MMo)


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