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Spread Your Wings

From the producers of Belle And Sebastian comes this delightful new film, perfect viewing for the whole family which broke box office records in France.

Based on real-life events the film tells of an eccentric scientist who studies wild geese migrations. Along with his 14-year-old son Thomas, he plans to aid the endangered species by guiding the geese he has raised through safer migration routes to Norway with his ultra-light aircraft.

However, the plan alters and Thomas must take the dangerous journey alone, flying through storms while evading law enforcers. Will he complete the mission and be declared a hero, or will the law enforcers put a stop to this well-intentioned quest which the media have taken an interest in?

This is the inspiring story of the love a man and his son had for these wild animals and the death-defying journey made to secure their future existence. The film would not have been effective without the mesmerising aerial cinematography over picturesque landscapes and the emotionally-charged musical score.

Spread Your Wings indirectly serves as a cautionary tale, as an announcement was made prior to the end credits that Europe has lost a staggering 420 million birds in under 30 years.

★★★ ½

Reviewed by Mark Morellini

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