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REVIEW: Queen Fatima

Kristelle Zibara & Sheridan Harbridge. Photo: Noni Carroll Photography

Laughter is contagious in this hilarious laugh out loud stage play which will leave audiences with glowing smiles on their faces as they exit the theatre!

Fatima is a boisterous overweight 31-year-old Lebanese woman, living at home with her parents, unmarried but deeply in love with her boyfriend Karim. Her parents are bakers – his parents are lawyers. But why hasn’t Karim introduced her to his parents? Is he embarrassed? Or perhaps is it that his parents may not accept her as the ideal future wife for their son?

Fatima rebels and signs up for the Queen Lebanon Australia pageant as a means of retaliation. She’ll show him and his family. But will she win and get even?

This is enjoyable live theatre at its best. Playwright James Elazzi has included themes of acceptance, class status, family expectations, and choices in his play that will also leave audiences questioning the importance and relevance of body image. What truly is attractive?

Nothing is sacred as Lebanese culture is put under the microscope, all the stereotyped aspects carefully selected and woven into five diverse characters that will leave Lebanese Australians tastefully laughing at the relatable humour.

An ensemble cast of five experienced performers is led by newcomer Kristelle Zibara in her first professional show, whose vastly entertaining portrayal as Queen Fatima is the main reason for the show’s success.

This is an outstanding show and the perfect night out for anybody who feels like they need to get out and have a good long laugh! (MMo)

Until Jan 16. Riverside Theatres, Corner Market & Church St, Parramatta. $39-$59+b.f. Tickets & Info: