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In James Galea’s BEST TRICK EVER, veteran Las Vegas showman and Melbourne International Comedy Festival performer James Galea presents a magical variety show that is equal parts dazzling and hilarious.

Stepping into the Sydney Opera House’s intimate Studio space, audience members are met with a stage arranged to look like Galea’s lavish living room, featuring some distinctly magical furnishings.

After Galea performs an animated musical number at a conveniently-placed grand piano, his ensemble of magical friends take the stage one-by-one to demonstrate their ‘best trick ever.’

Among them are unusualist Raymond Crowe, former America’s Got Talent semi-finalist Dom Chambers, escapologist Helen Coghlan, and Rubik’s Cube master Vincent Kuo, who all show off their eclectic talents and unique tricks.

Highlights included Crowe’s miming featuring a recurring gag with a can of disinfectant spray and his intricate shadow puppetry.

Particularly entertaining was Chambers’ signature beer act, in which glasses of beer seemed to miraculously emerge from his shirtsleeves and an empty paper bag, among other places.

Galea also showcases his talents with card magic – viewable for the entire audience thanks to a camera streaming the footage to a screen above the stage.

The comedic energy of all five performers allowed them to build a delightful rapport with the audience, and kept everyone laughing and clapping throughout.

Until Feb 14. Sydney Opera House, Bennelong Point, Sydney. $49-$85+b.f. Tickets & Info:

Reviewed by Patrick McKenzie

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