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Restless Leg

For the first time since late 2019 the Inner West’s own Restless Leg will once again step foot onto a stage to perform live. With a sound fusing the likes of The Pixies, The Go Betweens and Velvet Underground this four piece describe their music as jangly, indie-pop.

Speaking to the Inner West Independent Ben Chamie spoke about the difficulty of the past year and the excitement that now follows as they prepare to make a triumphant return.

During the lockdown period Restless Leg continued to chip away at a new record, which has a target release towards the end of May. Obviously though the lockdowns and restrictions placed a few extra hurdles on the path but thus far they have successfully, and safely, cleared all of those.

“When the lockdown happened it was unclear if we could go into the studio or not,” recalled Chamie. So instead they chose to wait and complete the recording portion “just after the lockdown lifted at the end of July.” By taking this approach the group was able to focus on “the creative side of things” by writing more songs to complete the track list.

Overall Chamie described the lockdown period as a “double edged sword” because it allowed them to focus on creative its but it also meant that gigs disappeared all together.

“As far as gigs go it has been terrible… they are normally the way that we help fund the records too.”

With this upcoming live show at the Petersham Bowling Club being the band’s first since 2019 Chamie says he will likely experience something he typically wouldn’t, “normally I don’t get nervous but we haven’t played for ages so there will be some nerves this time.”

As Inner West locals Chamie and Restless Leg know first hand the importance of venues such as the Petersham Bowling Club for the local community.

“The Petersham Bowlo is relatively accessible for the little bands like us which is so important because there’s not many of them. I don’t know what we would be without them.. they are absolutely essential.”

Lastly, there is one more element adding to the level of excitement with this show according Chamie, “they’ve upgraded their PA during the lockdown so I’m really looking forward to hearing and experiencing those improvements.”

Feb 12. Petersham Bowling Club, 77 Brighton St, Petersham. $8.35+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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