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Occupation: Rainfall

Get ready to be blown away by the most expensive and ambitious independent Aussie science fiction film ever produced!

A sequel to 2018’s Occupation, the story takes place two years into an intergalactic invasion of planet Earth. Survivors in Sydney retaliate by fighting a ground war. The aliens battle to take over the planet, so the race is on to save humanity.

It’s spot the Aussie star in this incredibly loud and fast-paced action film which surprisingly rivals any cinematic science fiction offering from Hollywood. Dan Ewing (Home and Away) leads the Australian cast, American actor Ken Jeong providing comical relief from the non-stop action and deafening warfare.

Adversely, the dialogue at times was incomprehensible owing to the explosive sound effects during the battle sequences, also compounded by the muffled voices of the ‘mask-wearing’ alien characters.

Few science-fiction films have been produced in Australia, but this is one that enthusiasts of this genre should not miss out on. For audiences who lose track of what’s happening in the story just sit back and enjoy as it’s a feast for the eyes and ears with impressive CGI, alien creatures, and sets.

This is quintessentially a film that must be watched on the big screen for maximum enjoyment and it was announced in the final moments of the film that another sequel is on its way. (MMo)