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Inner West roads not two-wheel ready

Inner West roads are not cycle ready. Photo: Supplied


Sydney CBD cycleways constructions connecting the Inner West to Sydney CBD are just the tip of the iceberg for cycling connections in the Inner West.

The construction of “two-way” cycleways on Saunders and Millers Street in Pyrmont will help link Sydney’s central business district to the Inner West. Construction began in October, and is estimated to take nine months to complete.

A tweet from Clover Moore on the 5th of December said that Saunders Street will “form an important link between the Anzac Bridge and Pyrmont Bridge, which will make commuting to the city from the Inner West a lot safer and smoother.”

Deputy Mayor and Inner West Council’s Chair of the Local Traffic Committee Victor Marci agrees that safety will be a priority with the project, but doesn’t think it goes far enough.

“It’ll make it safer getting across the bridges and the Anzac Bridge, but what we want is streets that are safe all the way around.”

WestConnex takes out cycling link

Cycleways in the Inner West have drastically changed as a result of WestConnex. One example of this is the destruction of the cycle and pedestrian bridge over Victoria Road near The Crescent for the Rozelle Interchange.

Cyclist and member of Bike Leichhardt, Robert Moore, said while an alternative has been provided, it is not sufficient.

“They used to come in from Lilyfield Road. So they have they have given you access but it’s for a fairly steep hill, Gordon, straight off Lilyfield Road we’re not too happy about it puts people off I think going up that steep hill.”

Along with the opening of the WestConnex and Rozelle Interchange, a pedestrian and bicycle path between Lilyfield Road to The Crescent was also opened. But Mr. Moore explained that Lilyfield Road is not in an ideal state for cyclists.

“At present, most of the Lilyfield road is in a very rough state, a bouncy, rough track over this temporary filled cable trench down the length of it,” he said.

“Just a bit where cyclists want to ride it’s about a meter wide, this sort of ribbon of uneven asphalt, but they’ve just temporarily put back in place and they keep on promising to do it properly.”

Mr. Moore thinks Gordon Street and James Craig Road are also impractical and hazardous for cyclists.

Gordon Street has power cables present in the road as well as potholes, despite recommendations by WestConnex for Gordon Street to be utilised by cyclists to get to Victoria Road while Lilyfield is under construction.

“Gordon Street is rather steep and narrow. And it’s chock a block full of cars in the morning peak hour. There’s not an ideal cycle route. But we’ve got little choices.”

James Craig Road has power poles in the road that Moore said Bike Leichhardt has been requesting to be removed.

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