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High Ground

The major American studios are continually holding back their blockbusters owing to the ongoing pandemic, but movie-goers have the opportunity to attend screenings of smaller films that would normally go unnoticed.

High Ground is an Australian historical drama set in 1919 which highlights white man’s horrific treatment of Aboriginals and their ability to be unscathed by a lawless judicial system.

An Aboriginal’s killing of a cow on a cattle station is the catalyst to an unjustifiable murderous rampage of an Aboriginal family by police in the extremely disturbing opening sequence, which ultimately demonstrates the hypocrisy of white man’s law.

Is it just that police can murder a group of Aborigines in cold blood with no punitive recourse and yet an Aboriginal can suffer the full extent of the law for murdering one white woman?

“You want us to respect your law? Give us justice!” exclaims an Aboriginal.

Highlights of the film include mesmerising cinematography of picturesque sunburnt locations in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, and an ensemble cast that includes Simon Baker, Jack Thompson, and Ryan Corr.

This is a thought-provoking action revenge thriller that will leave thinking audiences questioning, has the law actually changed much over the years to bring equality to the Aboriginal communities? (MMo)


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