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Deftones – White Pony/Black Stallion

Back in the year 2000 I was in the early stages of delving into the heavier side of music with bands such as Alexisonfire and Deftones being my entry points. It comes as no surprise then that the Deftones album White Pony holds a special place in my heart. 

With this in mind I was immediately intrigued at the end of 2020 when I received a copy of Deftones new album White Pony/Black Stallion. Investigating further I came to learn that this latest offering is a celebration record which remixes the iconic songs from the iconic White Pony.

Throughout White Pony/Black Stallion a raft of producers and DJ’s jump onboard to serve up their remixed version of the tracks. The album is filled electro, minimal, industrial style remixes of the 20 year old nu-metal tracks which over time have became classics within the genre. Thankfully these remixes don’t detract from the original songs but rather breathe new life into much loved songs.

With so many different influences littered throughout this album it could have easily become a jumbled and disjointed mess but the core vision of Deftones remains at the core and the album delivers a balanced unity.

The biggest highlight of the record for me was Passenger remixed by Mike Shinoda. To undertake the task of remixing such a beloved song was a hiding to no end but Shinoda does a fantastic job and creates an epic tack which deserves to be sought out on its own merits.

Black Stallion while a vast departure from the sound many expect when turning on a Deftones record is one which fans, both old and new, will no doubt enjoy. Even if the closing track leaves a sour taste in your mouth.