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Let Him Go

Dianne Lane. Photo: Kimberly French/Focus Features.

Grandparents George & Margaret Blackledge (portrayed by Kevin Costner and Diane Lane) have no idea of the terrifying ordeal that awaits them when they venture off to North Dakota in a desperate attempt to remove their grandson from Lorna, their former daughter-in-law, and Donnie, the abusive step-father of their grandson.

“I’m not coming back here without him!” Margaret exclaims, who must ultimately have questioned whether the life-changing experience was worth all the violence and terror they experienced from Donnie’s family.

Costner makes one of his rare cinematic appearances in this dark and unsettling drama, which starts off as a slow burner set in picturesque farming districts and builds to a terrifying and explosive second act. Audiences should be stunned at the unruly demeanour of Donnie’s eerie and classless family who seem to have total control over the local law enforcers.

The stunning cinematography and picturesque locations detract from the unimaginable terror that soon unfolds in this incredible tale of resilience and family honour which audiences should not soon forget. (MMo)

★★★ ½

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